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Avionic Repair & Testing

Professional Aircraft Accessories combines professionally-trained personnel with automatic test equipment to create the perfect test environment, providing efficient and reliable repairs. The Level III Board repairs decrease significantly the cost of repairs and afford low-turnaround times. We lead the industry by providing the most comprehensive warranty available in the marketplace. Outstanding service, reliability and minimal TATs are the key ingredients to success. Our avionics shops provide the highest quality MRO services for advanced avionic components. Its significant investment in automatic test equipment (ATE) has led Professional Aircraft Accessories to a higher level of service and quality.



Includes all Radio Class 1, 2, 3 items:

  • Navigation systems
  • Communications systems
  • RADAR systems
  • CVRs
  • DMEs
  • ADFs
  • Transponders
  • EPRTs


Avionics Capability:

  • ADF/VOR/VHF/UHF/ILS/DME system components
  • Radar system components
  • Cockpit voice recorders
  • Flight data recorders
  • Transponders
  • Radio altimeters
  • TCAS processors


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