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Our Commitment to Excellence
All of those principles are at the heart of the capabilities and services we offer at Professional Aircraft Accessories. Every technician who works at PAA is proud of the work they do to keep you in the air and running on time. 

What distinguishes us, though — what make us fly higher, if you will — is our responsive customer service.
We treat those who entrust us as partners, not just customers. 
We’ll work closely with you on overhaul schedules and spares requirements, let you know about common failures we’re seeing and have your back with advanced stocking based on forecasting.
We promise to be flexible and forward-thinking at every step.

Don’t take our word for it. Put us to the test.

Professional Aircraft Accessories can support your urgent needs by providing exchanges from our large rotable pool, which is always growing. 

We boast an extensive inventory and large range of aircraft type capabilities and services, and the number grows ambitiously every day. Your needs are always met by our large shop of accessories.
Automatic Testing is a capability offered by Professional Aircraft Accessories
Our automatic test equipment — combined with the subject matter experts who work at Professional Aircraft Accessories — results in faster turnaround times and a higher level of efficiency.

Our investment in ATE illustrates our investment in each and every one of our customers.

We always strive for a two- to three-day evaluation period so we can get units repaired and back to you as soon as possible. Our evaluation process distinguishes us from our competitors.
We are FAA- and EASA-approved with an industry reputation for reliability and unmatched quality.

Our technicians have a proven ability to handle parts of all sophistication. Our strongest platforms are the Boeing 737, 757 and 767 aircraft.

Our forte includes altimeters, altitude directional indicators, fuel quantity indicators, attitude indicators and flap position indicators.
Close up view of hands working on aviation instrumentation; among the capabilities and services offered by Professional Aircraft Accessories
Professional Aircraft Accessories prides itself in the development of nonstandard repairs so you don’t have to replace high-dollar parts. Our expertise combined with our ingenuity equals a better bottom line for our customers.

Professional Aircraft Accessories offers proven capability in providing service and overhaul to a wide range of commercial, regional, military and business aircraft (both turbine and turbo- prop), supported by an extensive inventory, including complete ship- sets, available for exchange. PMA capabilities and extensive range of Approved Repair Schemes are available.
Specialties include hydraulic pressure switches and cabin pressure controllers.
We’re always expanding our diverse array of components.

Our test cell is capable of 200 PPM at 150 PSI, up to 250°F and vacuum chamber testing. Automated systems provide data acquisition, control, analysis and comprehensive reporting.
Click here to learn more about the aircraft platforms we support. 

Aviation Parts & Capabilities

We stock a variety of avionics, instrumentation, aircraft accessories, landing gear and airframe components.
Search our inventory and capabilities:
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