Component Repair and Overhaul - Pressurization

We specialize in aircraft pressurization repair and overhaul, including hydraulic pressure switches, cabin pressure controllers and more.

Includes All Class 1, 2, 3 Accessories

Professional Aircraft Accessories consistently invests in new technology to provide the best solutions and service. Our testing equipment can provide automated systems data acquisition, control, analysis and comprehensive reporting.

Mini Controllers and Cabin Pressure Controllers

We have custom test stations and multiple test fixtures that can capture automated data test results including high accuracy leakage rate testing with computerized print outs.

Safety and Outflow Valves

We have a low-flow test stand for King Air outflow and safety valves. We can also perform simultaneous initial assembly testing.

  • Mass air flow measurements from .02-130 PPM
  • All flow measurement systems provide digital output to ATE
  • Outflow & Safety Valve Test Chamber - interchangeable plates
  • Can support up to a C130-sized Outflow and Safety Valves (102150 or 103036)

If you have additional questions about our aircraft pressurization repair and overhaul services, please contact us! Our team of expert technicians is standing by ready to assist.

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