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At some companies, employees wear badges that identify them by a number. Not here at Professional Aircraft Accessories on Florida’s Space Coast.
In fact, some of our technicians wear a “Subject Matter Expert” badge that recognizes their expertise and identifies them as someone new employees can turn to for guidance.
We want our 170 employees to feel like part of a family — because they are.
“Our location is in Titusville, Florida,” explains Human Resources Manager Maya Villorente. “The area is relatively small and because of that, it seems that a lot of our folks know somebody previously through school or growing up in the same neighborhood. This familiarity is one of the reasons why our culture is like a large family.”
Ask yourself ‘Are you being valued by the company at which you work?’ I have to say ‘Yes.’

MAYA VILLORENTE, who commutes an hour to work at Professional Aircraft Accessories

Our family is growing.
“Attracting great applicants can be a challenging aspect of recruitment,” she says, “but through our efforts, we’ve hired and rehired 64 employees so far this year! Part of the reason is because of our Referral Program where current employees are incentivized to refer someone to fill an open position.”

Maya started at Professional Aircraft Accessories in 2014 as an HR generalist and when the HR manager left in 2017, we didn’t look elsewhere.
We promoted her.
We prefer to promote from within the Company as much as possible because we see value in developing our own, which promotes growth, longevity and loyalty.
We celebrate wins with ice cream socials and companywide lunches and dinners.
“We try to do something every month for our employees to show our appreciation for their hard work and loyalty,” Maya says. “You spend a lot of time at work so getting up in the morning to look forward to coming in is the best-case scenario. One of the ways in which the company contributes to that end is to create a safe and healthy work environment to come to every day.”

We’ve been known to invite employees and their families to attend a company event like PAA Fam Day. We’ll have at least one food truck per week come to the facility so that our employees have other lunch options without having to drive out. We’re about to have an Ice Cream Social this week to battle the heat. Once per quarter, we have company luncheons where our managers cook on the grill.
We show appreciation rather than tell.
We take training seriously. We are capable. We are compliant.
Our certifications and awards prove it.
We’re looking for people who are eager to shine.
Some of our best technicians have worked as auto mechanics. A high mechanical aptitude will help prepare you for the work we do.
Know your stuff? Do you like to help other people learn new skills?

You might be our next Subject Matter Expert.

Meet Tanner
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Jordan Behlok

Job title: Level 2 Technician, Professional Aircraft Accessories in Titusville, Florida

What that means: As a level 2 technician, Jordan’s daily role involves making sure parts are inspected and overhauled to specifications. Diving in a bit deeper, a typical day includes carefully reviewing work orders to ensure specified manufacturer guidelines are being followed, which is just as important as the physical work being done to the part.

“I'm constantly making sure the work I do is not only in accordance with build schedules and ship dates, but that anything I get my hands on is handled with utmost care and meets quality standards,” said Jordan.  

How long he's worked here: Jordy has been part of the PAA team for a year and a half. 

Why he loves his job: “Every day is an opportunity to learn something new and perfect my overall craftsmanship in the aviation industry and beyond. I enjoy helping and teaching coworkers when possible, and having access to the seasoned technicians is always a great opportunity when needing help.”

What he'd tell someone considering working here: "This is a great opportunity! Take the time to learn from others and don't be afraid to ask for help. PAA is full of employees with a vast range of knowledge and experience who are all willing to help when asked. 

“PAA has helped me grow as a person in many ways in such a short span, including becoming more detail oriented and comfortable working with a deadline. My leadership skills have grown and I get to help train other co-workers. My time here so far has truly been invaluable.”



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