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At some companies, employees wear badges that identify them by a number. Not here at Professional Aircraft Accessories on Florida’s Space Coast.
In fact, some of our technicians wear a “Subject Matter Expert” badge that recognizes their expertise and identifies them as someone new employees can turn to for guidance.
We want our 170 employees to feel like part of a family — because they are.
“Our location is in Titusville, Florida,” explains Human Resources Manager Maya Villorente, “The surrounding area is very small. Everyone kind of knows your name. The people who work here kind of know each other previously. Because we are the size that we are, everyone knows everyone. The culture is like we are a large family.”
Ask yourself ‘Are you being valued by the company at which you work?’ I have to say ‘Yes.’

MAYA VILLORENTE, who commutes an hour to work at Professional Aircraft Accessories

Our family is growing.
“This year alone we’ve hired 42 technicians in our gear shop,” she says. “This year has been a record-breaking year. Last month we just broke our highest monthly revenue for the past six or seven years.”

Maya started at Professional Aircraft Accessories in 2014 as an HR generalist after she finished graduate school. When the HR manager left in 2017, we didn’t look elsewhere.
We promoted her.
We do that as much as possible, seeing value in longevity, loyalty and institutional knowledge.
We celebrate wins with ice cream socials and companywide lunches and dinners.
We’ve been known to send employees on cruises. We close for half a day so our employees and their families can attend the Space Coast Warbird Airshow next door while our managers cook up food on the grill.

“We try to do something every month for our employees to show our appreciation for their hard work and loyalty,” Maya says. “You spend a lot of time at work, and the idea is to get up and look forward to coming to work.”
We show appreciation rather than tell.
We take training seriously. We are capable. We are compliant.
Our certifications and awards prove it.
We’re looking for people who are eager to shine.
Some of our best technicians have worked as auto mechanics. A high mechanical aptitude will help prepare you for the work we do.
Know your stuff? Do you like to help other people learn new skills?

You might be our next Subject Matter Expert.

Meet Tanner
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Kevin Good

Job title: Lead Painter, Professional Aircraft Accessories in Titusville, Florida

What that means: As Painter Lead, Kevin wears many hats within the department. He preps parts, orders materials, and troubleshoots with his team. He also makes sure projects stay on schedule by ensuring his team is working on the right parts. He considers quality control a huge part of his job, and holds his team, and therefore the company, to high standards. 

How long he's worked here: Kevin has been part of the PAA team for more than ten years. 

Why he loves his job: “I love a good challenge. The people here are great, and the work challenges me, so it's a win-win. Plus, you'll never hear me complain about escaping the Florida heat inside our air conditioned facility!”

What he'd tell someone considering working here: “Management takes the time to train new employees, which I believe is invaluable in today's economy. If you come to work here, take full advantage of that training period! Throughout your time here, you'll be held to high expectations and as a result, you'll grow as a person just like I have."



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