Employee Spotlight Archive

Jenni Butler
Lead Technician, Accessory Shop
A Word from Jenni
“I love my job. It’s an honor to be the first female lead, and I’m excited about what that means for women who work here today, and who will work here in the future. The culture at this place is inclusive, and my team and I get along really well. So in that respect, while I was thrilled by the promotion in January, I wasn’t necessarily surprised by it. We lift each other up as teammates.”
Headshot of Tom Callahan, Director of Quality for Professional Aircraft Accessories
Veronica hawthorne
Customer Service Manager
a word from veronica
“I love the ability to help our customers find solutions for their unique needs and offer them quality products we provide. It’s easy to sell a product, but it’s harder to sell a service. You have to value and believe in the company you’re asking people to trust to do work for them – and I absolutely do.

Be ready to grow if you come to work here! It’s never boring; there’s always something new to work on and learn, including new product lines and part numbers. I’ve been here over 17 years and I’m still learning something new every day!”
Headshot of Rachel Aumuller, Customer Service Manager for Professional Aircraft Accessories
Rachel Aumuller
Customer Service Manager
a word from Rachel
"PAA is an awesome company to work for! There is a lot to learn in the aviation industry, but there are so many knowledgeable and patient employees here who truly want everyone to succeed. This is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

My experience at PAA has helped me grow tremendously in only six months. I have expanded on my leadership skills through training provided by PAA’s Training Manager and learning hands-on from a great group of leaders.  I do not have a background in aviation, so I came to PAA knowing I would be learning an entirely new industry. The people I get the opportunity to work with here have helped me learn how to be more patient with myself and inspired me to be an outstanding leader!”
Leadership team: Headshot of Tonya Wondowlowsky, Director of Sales and Biz Dev for Professional Aircraft Accessories
Carlos baca
Customer Account Rep., Customer Service
a word from carlos
Carlos has been with PAA since 2015, and still loves his job. 

"Getting to start something new here in Titusville has been really great! Coming from an avionics shop to a larger facility that specializes on gears has been a really cool learning experience. I've had a lot of support from my peers on this journey, too."
Headshot of Fritz Theinert, Finance Director for Professional Aircraft Accessories
Jwuan Hearns
AR Accountant
a word from Jwuan
“I like the family-oriented vibe of this company and how it’s managed - everyone is so helpful. I also really like the challenge of my AR role. I’m always learning, which is exactly what I want."

Jwuan has a deep-rooted passion for teamwork; he knows that a company’s success is bigger than any one person. He seeks a true career, not just a j-o-b, and he’s confident he’s found that here at Professional Aircraft Accessories. 

"I love helping people around me, and giving back to those who have been less fortunate. I’ve been in their shoes before - I had people helping me in my time of need and now it’s my turn to give a hand up wherever possible,”
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