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Aviation Landing Gear Repair and Overhaul

Professional Aircraft Accessories has proven capabilities in providing landing gear repair and overhaul service to a wide range of commercial, military and business aircraft (both turbine and turboprop). Our capabilities are supported by an extensive inventory, including complete ship sets which are available for exchange. PMA capabilities and extensive range of approved repair schemes are also available.
Aircraft Models Supported
Beechcraft logo
We have extensive King Air and 1900 landing gear repair and overhaul experience, offer full gear ship set exchanges, and support more than 40 proprietary repairs on high-BER components.

No gear is too big for our experienced team. If you need main and nose landing gear overhaul services for your Boeing 737-700/800, we’re capable and ready for your call. Learn more about our 737 landing gear overhaul capabilities here. 

Bombardier Text logo
As an industry leader in the landing gear overhaul market in North America, we combine almost 20 years of overhaul experience with outstanding customer service. We offer landing gear overhaul support for Bombardier Challenger 850 and CRJ 200/700/900 aircraft.
Cessna Red and and Blue logo
As the exclusive landing gear support provider for the largest single-fleet Caravan operator, we’ve overhauled more than 200 Cessna 208/208B Caravan MLG aircraft.
Embraer blue text logo
We’re among industry leaders in the regional landing gear overhaul market and offer landing gear overhaul support for Embraer Legacy 600 and ERJ 135/145 aircraft.
Lockheed martin logo with star
We provide United States Navy source-approved landing gear for Lockheed Martin's P-3 and C-130 aircraft in domestic and international capacities.
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Aviation Parts & Capabilities

We stock a variety of avionics, instrumentation, aircraft accessories, landing gear and airframe components.
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